Massage techniques are always adapted to the state of health of each guest. Together with the guest, the physical condition is determined, so that individualneeds may be considered. The goal is to bring body, soul and spirit into harmony, always with consideration that all aspects play an important role with regards to physical and mental well-being. All treatments are specially arranged to meet the guests’ needs.

For all massages, luxurious natural oils are used and guests have the choice between Orange, Lemon, Lotus, Jasmine, Amber, Lavender or other scents. All treatments are available around the clock.

For further information please contact the concierge on +41 43 883 1052 or send an e-mail to
Classic full-body massage
A gentle to strong massage technique that helps your body relax and revitalise, ensuring muscle regeneration.
55 min CHF 195

Sports massage
Achieve physical and mental relaxation with this classic sport massage.
85min CHF 295

Back massage
Be pampered and experience blockage release, filling your body with new energy.
25 min CHF 120

Experience balance and increased energy flow with this blissful massage.
40 min CHF 165

Asian pressure point massage with aromatic oils
This Asian pressure point massage soothes your body and is effective for specific ailments.
55min CHF 205

Head massage
Enjoy this massage after a hard day and experience the release of positive hormones.
25 min CHF 95

Hot Stone massage
Dive into a sensory world and bring your body and soul back into harmony.
70 min CHF 295

Deep tissue slimming and detoxifying massage
Purge and detoxify your body with this special massage technique.
70 min CHF 245

Aromatherapy anti-stress massage
Experience a balance of mind and body and enjoy the soothing effects of essential oils.
70 min CHF 245

Face massage
Unwind with this moisturising cocktail of vitamins.
25 min CHF 125

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